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Ecoteller® ATM Solutions from Vortex Engineering

Ecoteller® series of ATMs are the greenest ATMs ever built with an energy-efficient & robust architecture with a significant reduction in moving components. Ecoteller® ATMs can do cash transactions 24x7 using renewable energy. This feature positions them as the best choice for banks planning to deploy ATM solutions in energy-deficient rural regions.

Build on Linux Open-Source and secured with
Comprehensive Terminal Security Solution

To Create a Positive Impact on ROI and Sustainability.

Vortex Ecoteller Series

Protect your ATM network from new age cyber attacks

Cyber threats are real and have a massive impact on financial institutions. Cybersecurity has become the basic need for banks to protect against malware and logical attacks. Below listed are some of the logical attacks and how Vortex’s Linux-based Ecoteller® range of ATMs are equipped with a gamut of security features that offer protection against all kinds of such attacks

Vortex ATMs with Terminal Security Solution Explainer Image

Black Box Attack

Man-in-the-Middle Attack

Physical Attack

Terminal Security Solutions

'Black Box' is a cash jackpotting attack on ATMs, executed with the help of an unauthorized device connected to the ATM.

 The MITM attack is executed when a program intercepts the communication and impersonates the switch.

Physical ATM attacks are on the rise. Ecoteller® ATMs offer 24/7 security with sensors, robust containers, and anti-skimming devices.

Vortex Engineering's Ecoteller® ATMs on Linux OS provide three-layer security for enhanced protection in the new banking landscape.

Linus OS Logo

Linux Operating System

Components Used icon

1/4th number of components

No Air Conditioning required Icon

Works without
Air conditioning

Low Power Icon

60 Watts of power consumption

Ecoteller® ATMs have the lowest TCO and higher ROI in comparison with that of conventional ATMs.



Pick-bunch-hop-present for quick response, low power consumption and fewer jams.

When twin notes get picked up, the machine separates them, dropping one note into the purge bin, presenting the other one to the customer.



Prints receipt in a local language of customer choice.

Middle Age man pointing Ecoteller ATM features
Industry First Icon
African American with Perfo Monitoring Application

Vortex Engineering is the first to introduce!

  • First to launch ultra-low power consuming ATMs.

  • First to make solar powered ATMs commercially viable.

  • First and only commercially successful Linux based ATMs.

  • First robust ATM designed to work without air conditioning.

  • First local language receipt in ATMs.

  • First to launch biometric authentication in ATMs.

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Closer to Nature, Greener to Planet

ATM Ideal Specs

Vortex Going the Linux Way

Cash dispenser - Optimal Choice

Ecoteller® Mini ATM powered by Intel Chip

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