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Multi-vendor ATM Monitoring FAQs

Illustration of FAQ - Multi-vendor ATM monitoring Solution
  • What is Perfo®?
    Perfo® is a complete ATM self service terminal management and monitoring solution. It helps financial institutions, banks and ATM operators remotely manage their ATM network’s availability, cash levels, device status, network status, transaction performance and content delivery.
  • Does Perfo® manage and monitor only ATMs?
    Perfo® is capable of managing cash dispenser (ATMs), cash deposit machines (CDMs), cash recyclers (CRMs), interactive teller machines (ITMs) and other kiosks.
  • Which brand of ATMs does Perfo® support?
    Perfo® supports NCR, Diebold Nixdorf, Nautilus Hyosung, GRG, OKI, Hitachi, AGS, Lipi data systems and Vortex ATMs. Perfo® can be made to work on any new brand of ATM with little to no customization.
  • What are the modules available in Perfo®?
    The modules available in Perfo® are Journal Records Management - Electronic Journal Management, Camera Image Pulling, Dispute Resolution Content and Patch Distribution - Content/Screen Distribution, Software Patch Distribution Availability Monitoring - Availability Monitoring, Trend Dashboards, Cash Level Monitoring, Asset Management, Remote Administration Incident Management - Ticket Assignments, Alerts, Reminders, Escalation, Vendor TAT and SLA Reports Business Analytics - Terminal Performance Analytics, Transaction Analytics, Vendor Performance Analytics
  • Can Perfo® remotely pull Electronic Journals (EJ) and transaction images from the ATM?
    Yes. Perfo® can pull electronic journals, transaction images and transaction video (captured by front camera, cash slot camera and surveillance camera) for immediate dispute resolution.
  • Can Perfo® give access to last minute transactions on the ATM?
    Yes. With Perfo®, banks can access real time last minute transaction journal of ATMs anytime anywhere.
  • Will Perfo® help in adhering to the Central Bank regulatory guidelines that enforce ATM transaction disputes to be resolved within strict deadlines?
    Absolutely, Perfo helps financial institutions to comply with regulatory guidelines on quicker dispute resolution and in turn increases overall customer satisfaction.
  • Is Perfo® system capable of auto correlating and pulling the relevant camera images and surveillance videos of the dispute transaction?
    Yes, that’s the big deal. You don’t have to waste time browsing the image directories of the ATM to locate the images/videos of a transaction.
  • Is there any Perfo® software, which needs to be installed in the ATM for EJ pulling and monitoring?
    Perfo® supports agent based monitoring and switch based monitoring. If you choose to do agent based monitoring, Perfo® agent software has to be installed in the ATM. The agent might have to be whitelisted if the ATM has any Endpoint Protection/Security enabled. If you choose to do switch based monitoring, no software is required to be installed on the ATM. However, EJ pulling is agent based only, hence, the same Perfo® agent software needs to be installed in the ATM for EJ pulling.
  • How does Perfo® notify ATM down events?
    Perfo® monitoring solution sends real time instant notification through email, SMS, Mobile app notifications to the designated personnel, be it the ATM custodian, Cash Loading Agencies, FLM / SLM service providers.
  • Does Perfo® raise tickets, auto-assign tickets to branch staff / custodians?
    Perfo® Incident management system not only raises tickets but also auto assigns them to branch staff/custodians, cash loading vendors, ATM service vendors, etc based on the configured business rules. Perfo® also tracks progress of resolution and does send reminders / escalations as configured.
  • Can we reboot ATMs remotely with Perfo®?
    Yes. Perfo® has the capability to remotely reboot /shut down / reset ATM hardware / run diagnostics.
  • Can Perfo® push screens / new content to the ATMs remotely?
    Yes. Perfo® can push screens / new content to the ATMs remotely and also verify what screen is being displayed currently.
  • Does Perfo® monitor the versions of Operating System and Application Software deployed in the ATM fleet?
    Yes. With ATM software security becoming a top priority in various countries, Perfo® can produce reports of the versions of Operating System and Application Software deployed in your ATM fleet.
  • With Perfo®, is it possible to set reminders and escalations to ATM service vendors if the ATMs are down?
    Perfo® incident management module can be configured with the business rules for ticket resolution reminders and escalations to ATM service vendors at various regions and levels.
  • Will Perfo® help in measuring ATM fleet performance and downtime?
    The Business Analytics module in Perfo® helps in measuring your ATM fleet performance, transaction performance and downtime analytics, top problem contributors, top vendor SLA violations.
  • Is Perfo® a desktop software?
    Perfo® supports web logins and mobile apps. Mobile apps are available in Android Play Store and Apple Store, you could search for the app as “Vortex Perfo”. The back end server can be deployed either on-premise or on the cloud.
  • How scalable is Perfo®?
    Perfo® scales to tens of thousands of ATMs.
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