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Contact less transactions are the way forward in the "New Normal"

Woman using Ecoteller Through The Wall
Woman using Ecoteller Through The Wall

The world as we know, has seen a stupendous amount of change in the last six months because of the pandemic caused by COVID-19. One of the major changes that the world has seen, is the way we interact with our surroundings and especially the way we are moving towards establishing “touch-less” interactions with the things around us. ATMs have been one of the most vital part of financial inclusion and it is imperative that we pursue to evolve so that we continue to provide last mile connectivity in these challenging times.

We at Vortex have been continuously leveraging the latest technologies and delivering products that bring out the maximum value to our customers in the journey of financial inclusion. In response to the latest challenges, Vortex has enhanced the Ecoteller range of products with the features that will help in a “touch-less” interaction with the ATMs. The Ecoteller range of products are now available with Contactless card readers, which will help the customers make transactions in our ATMs in a more safe and secure way. The NFC based Contactless Card readers ensure the customers are able to do the transactions in a secure, fast and convenient way.


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