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Open-Source OS secured with Comprehensive Terminal Security

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Ecoteller® - Energy Efficient ATMs built on Linux Open-Source

First to launch ultra-low power consuming ATMs; First to make solar powered ATMs commercially viable; First and only commercially successful Linux based ATMs.

Ecoteller Series of ATM
Perfo - Multi-vendor ATM Monitoring and Incident Management Solution

Perfo® - Multi-vendor ATM Monitoring and Incident Management Solution

Perfo® offers a comprehensive solution for managing ATMs across multiple vendors, by providing real-time dashboards and monitoring tools.

Career building at Vortex Engineering

Vortex Engineering is a place for candidates with a strong passion in technology. Put your skills into work at Vortex, who gave a new definition for Financial Inclusion in the ATM industry.

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Dive-in-deep and know more about our ATM Technology. Get more insights on how we moved the commercial market of ATM industry.

Vortex ATM Innovation started here!

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Honest Review from Clients!

Garima Bikas Bank is one of the leading development banks in Nepal. With more than a decade of operations in Nepal, we deliver wonderful banking service to our customers through state of the art technology adoption. Vortex's systems help us adhere to Central Bank regulations and keep up our vision of complete regulatory compliance. Vortex's Perfo ATM Management software captures the data we need to prove compliance effectively. We are able to reliably record ATM activity, resolve customer disputes on time and avoid penalties. Happy to partner with Vortex.

Kamal Aryal,
Head of Information Technology,

Garima Bikas Bank, Nepal.

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Helping banks to get maximum return on investment

We provide fast & reliable on-site maintenance through a network of our own expert field service engineers and professional network of accredited service partners.

Leveraging Technologies

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Machine Learning

Vortex ATMs use machine learning technology to auto-calibrate twin detection sensors through analysis of currency note characteristics and flow path algorithms. Service Diagnostics and Preventive Maintenance Tools use machine learning to predict component failures from past performance data and auto-suggest instructions for repair and replacements to service engineers.

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Data Analytics

Perfo® does ATM channel performance management using a big data analytics platform. Banks are presented with key business insights like transaction trends, cash forecasts and device monitoring dashboards. With a deeper understanding of underlying transaction and device failure data, Perfo presents an analytics view tailored towards improving the availability and operational efficiency of ATM channel.

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Internet of Things

Key performance characteristics of the various IoT sensors and devices of Vortex ATMs are collected by Perfo ATM Monitoring Software. Perfo does a behaviour analysis of the collected sensor characteristics and downloads a refined configuration and/or software algo upgrade to the ATMs remotely, thereby improving the uptime of ATMs.


Milestones of Vortex Engineering Private Limited

Global Presence of Vortex

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