We at Vortex Engineering Pvt ltd, continually strive to enhance user experience to the next level, keeping an eye on offering economical and the most eco-friendly products in the ATM industry. The anytime, anywhere ATM product lines from Vortex are the result of a decade of consistent research & development efforts. The 9 patents filed so far are a testimony to the pioneering efforts at Vortex to give the very best of technology at affordable price to its customers. Vortex has specifically designed the Ecoteller family of ATMs that consume very less power and constitute very less mechanical and electrical parts as compared to other conventional ATMs. The unique patented technology used in the ATMs has been developed to help banks reach out to the rural areas and ensure financial inclusion of the unbanked population.



Leveraging Technologies

Machine Learning

Vortex ATMs use machine learning technology to auto-calibrate twin detection sensors through analysis of currency note characteristics and flow path algorithms. Service Diagnostics and Preventive Maintenance Tools use machine learning to predict component failures from past performance data and auto-suggest instructions for repair and replacements to service engineers.


Data Analytics

Perfo does ATM channel performance management using a big data analytics platform. Banks are presented with key business insights like transaction trends, cash forecasts and device monitoring dashboards. With a deeper understanding of underlying transaction and device failure data, Perfo presents an analytics view tailored towards improving the availability and operational efficiency of ATM channel.


Internet of Things

Key performance characteristics of the various IoT sensors and devices of Vortex ATMs are collected by Perfo ATM Monitoring Software. Perfo does a behaviour analysis of the collected sensor characteristics and downloads a refined configuration and/or software algo upgrade to the ATMs remotely, thereby improving the uptime of ATMs.