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Multi-vendor ATM Monitoring Benefits

ATM Management & Monitoring software offers a complete suite of modules such as journal management, availability monitoring, content & patch distribution, incident management and analytics to increase ATM efficiency.

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Central Bank Regulatory Compliance

  • TAT on Customer Grievance Redressal: Our single touch dispute resolution & online EJ viewer capability makes this possible. This also enhances customer satisfaction.

  • Secure Archival: Archives sensitive transaction journal records in a central repository. Enables lookup in historical transactions.

  • Software Version Control: Tracking & delivery of latest supported versions of software and patches in ATMs.

  • Security Alerts: Instant alert on ATM vibration / safe door opening / skimmer detection etc. through Mobile App notification.

Increase in ATM Transaction Volumes by ~10%

  • Real-time Monitoring: Mobile App based instant alerts, reminders & notifications to initiate actions to fast-track resolution before transactions are lost.

  • Vendor SLA Management: Automated ticket assignment and dispatch to vendors & tracking their service levels.

  • Fleet Performance Management: Business Metrics and Performance Analytics across the network.

Better Return On Investment & Staff Empowerment

  • Empower Branch Managers: Enables real-time collaboration between branch operation staff and vendors through Mobile App.

  • Cost Efficiency: Delivers lowest Total Cost of Ownership through open source patronage.

An Exceptional ATM Management Software for
Self-Service Channel Management

  • Complete rounded solution for self-service channel management.

  • Suitable for Banks, Independent ATM Deployers, ATM Managed Service Providers and other Financial Institutions.

  • Multi-Vendor Enterprise Solution – Can manage all brands of ATMs, Recyclers, Acceptors and Kiosks.

  • Monitors self-service devices using CEN-XFS standard.

  • Accepts multiple data feeds - Supports EFT Switch based monitoring also.

  • PCI DSS Validated - User access control, encrypted data store, TLS/SSL communication, periodic vulnerability assessments.

  • Integrated Analytics for Operations and Business Teams.

  • Masterly crafted over an open source technology platform.

Perfo ATM Monitoring Solution Illustration

Most User Friendly
ATM Management System

  • Uniform navigation, easy to access intuitive screens with relevant data pointers.

  • Visualized data in the form of charts and status icons.

  • Dashboards customized for the needs of customer.

  • Very simple administration with least maintenance.

  • Standard Dashboards, Pivot Reports and Visually Advanced BI Reports.

  • Role based Access Control - User sees only the data that is relevant for his role.

  • Very easy to configure and customize.

  • Consistent look and feel on Mobile App and Web Application.

  • Mobile Application provides real time view of channel performance and instant alerts, reminder and escalation notifications.

Responsive Perfo Mobile App Atm Monitoring
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